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Synergist webinars are presentations by sponsoring companies on topics of importance to industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety professionals. Neither AIHA nor The Synergist endorses, supports, or verifies the webinars' contents or expressed opinions.

There are three types of Synergist Webinars:

  • Educational: a traditional webinar format in which a presenter delivers prepared material on a topic of interest to the IH/OEHS community. These presentations are typically 45 minutes long followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. AIHA updates webinar participants’ educational transcripts to reflect their attendance. Participants can use their transcripts for certification maintenance (1 contact hour for a 60-minute webinar).
  • Town Hall: similar to an educational webinar, a Town Hall presentation is created from questions submitted by IH/OEHS professionals. These presentations are typically 60 minutes long. AIHA updates webinar participants’ educational transcripts to reflect their attendance. Participants can use their transcripts for certification maintenance.
  • Product Demo: a short presentation of practical tips for using a specific product, similar to the demonstrations that take place at conference exhibits. These presentations are 20 minutes long followed by a 10-minute Q&A. AIHA does not update participants’ educational transcripts for Product Demos.

Company Profile Name Address Country
Akzo Nobel United States
Bulwark 545 Marriott Dr. Nashville, Tennessee 37214 United States
Bulwark Protective Apparel 545 Marriott Dr. Nashville, Tennessee 37214 United States
ChemWatch 330 Mallory Station Rd Ste C8 Franklin, Tennessee 37067 United States
Cority 250 Bloor Street East, 9th Floor, Box 15 Toronto Ontario, M4W 1E6 Canada
Dassault Systemes California United States
EMD Millipore Corporation 290 Concord Road Billerica, Massachusetts 01821 United States
Galson Laboratories, Inc. 6625 Hayward Court McHenry, Illinois 60050 United States
Humantech 1161 Oak Valley Drive Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 United States
IDEXX One IDEXX Drive Westbrook, Maine 04092 United States
ILC Dover One Moonwalker Road Frederica, Delaware 19946 United States
Industrial Scientific 1001 Oakdale Road Oakdale, Pennsylvania 15071-1500 United States
Medgate 95 St.Clair Ave. West Suite # 1700 Totonto, Ontario M4V 1N6 Canada
National Fire Protection Agency 1 Batterymarch Park Quincy, Massachusetts 02169-7471 United States
SGS Forensic Laboratories 3777 Depot Road Suite 409 Hayward, California 94545 United States
SiteHawk 1886 Metro Center Drive Reston, Virginia 20190 United States
The REACH Centre Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4YQ United Kingdom
MilliporeSigma PO Box 14508 St. Louis, Missouri 63178 United States

  • What Every EH&S Manager Needs to Know About ... Fire Code Compliance

    Today's organizations operate in a complex and challenging environment that must be carefully managed and monitored to assure safety at all levels. This assurance starts with the building design and carries on through hazardous materials management, from receipt to storage to disposal. Because the regulatory requirements surrounding these issues are constantly changing, it can be a challenge for EH&S professionals to stay on top of new requirements. This webinar will examine recent changes to fire and building code regulations and what it takes to ensure compliance. Learning Outcomes: Recent changes to fire and building code regulations... More »

    What Every EH&S Manager Needs to Kno...
  • Using DualSense Technology in Your Gas Detector: Why two are safer than one

    There are many things in the world that are based on redundancy. The human body itself has two eyes, two ears, two lungs. In this webinar, we will show how DualSense Technology in your gas detector gives you sensor redundancy and will show you why two is clearly safer than one. More »

    Using DualSense Technology in Your Gas D...
  • Secrets to Ensuring Accurate and Compliant Chemical Inventory Reports

    From lubricants to solvents, from flammable materials to corrosives, many organizations handle and store a number of different chemicals. It’s not enough to ensure that you know where chemicals are, provide training and information about correct handling procedures, and ensure that chemicals are stored and disposed appropriately. It is also important to report to external agencies what chemicals are on site, the quantities of those chemicals, and how and where they are stored. The stakes are higher if those chemicals are hazardous materials. One critical challenge for many organizations is the gap between the laboratory that uses the ch... More »

    Secrets to Ensuring Accurate and Complia...
  • From Chaos To Control: Aligning Chemical Inventory Workflows Throughout the Enterprise

    At first glance chemical inventory management seems deceptively simple: You receive chemicals, store them, use them, and dispose the empty containers when you are done. Planning an Enterprise scale chemical inventory system reveals more complexities. There are many intricate inventory management processes to consider that involve optimizing inventory levels, logistics, replenishment, disposition and forecasting. Many organizations track their chemical inventory on paper, with a basic spreadsheet program, or use legacy in-house solutions. Unfortunately, these solutions don’t scale well (or at all), do not provide accurate information, or... More »

    From Chaos To Control: Aligning Chemical...
  • How to Incorporate Regulatory Lists to Ensure Chemical Inventory Compliance By: Anne Sefried, Dassault Systemes

    As most EHS managers know, compliance with regulations–such as OSHA, GHS, EPA, CDC, DHS, DEA, CEPA, HMIS and HCS to name just a few–require you to have a detailed understanding of the materials being used in your facility. Many of those regulations also have Chemicals of Interest Lists with very specific requirements about managing and reporting those chemicals if and when a certain threshold limit is reached. Because each of these regulations has different criteria, most EHS professionals create internal Regulatory Lists to track the requirements and provide regulatory reports. However, compliance with most of these regulations i... More »

    How to Incorporate Regulatory Lists to E...
  • How AkzoNobel is Addressing Corporate Requirements for Lab Safety and Chemical Inventory Management By: Jennifer Hergert, HSE Manager, AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry and Bryan Billings, Senior Technical Support Specialist, BIOVIA

    From cleaner houses to new roads, AkzoNobel is behind the development of many of today’s most significant safe and smart products. To do so, they keep 500+ researchers busy on a wide variety of applications from polymers to surfactants. But accommodating such a variety comes with workflow and management challenges. One particular challenge for AkzoNobel’s Surface Chemistry division was managing the 10,000+ chemical containers used for research. Their previous methodology was no longer sustainable and had been hampering the lab’s ability to manage the chemicals, address safety regulations, and contain the associated costs. Ak... More »

    How AkzoNobel is Addressing Corporate Re...
  • Web Chat: Ebola - A Conversation for Industrial Hygienists (Brainstorming Session) By: Thomas Fuller, Illinois State University, Assistant Professor of Safety

    This is the notes from the brainstorming session at the end of the Web Chat on Ebola with Dr. Thomas Fuller, Assistant Professor of Safety, Illinois State University. More »

    Web Chat: Ebola - A Conversation for Ind...
  • Webcast Slides: Building and Implementin...
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